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NASA Blue Beam Project

Sorry about not updating in the past couple of weeks. I've been on vacation so I was not able/not willing to post stuff.

So during this break anonymous put a link in the comments to my 2012 post, This led to a website talking the NASA Blue Beam Project. To be honest I don't believe a lick of it and most of it I don't think even an anaconda could swallow, but I'll give anything someone links or posts in the comments. I might not make a post about it but I will read up a bit of it. So the Blue Beam Project is a NASA/UN joint operation (I'm not really sure, everything says the whole thing is orchestrated by the United Nations and I never hear anything about how NASA is involved but it's always referred to as the NASA Blue Beam Project so I don't know) that's supposed set up the world's populace to accept the a single "Satanic" New Age religion which is required for their New World Order, which is a single global dictatorship, why a single new religion is required for the New World Order I have no idea.

The Blue Beam Project (I also have no idea why it's called that) comes in four steps;

1. The architects of the Blue Beam Project will plant false evidence in certain areas, and then cause earthquakes in those areas, leading people to "uncover" the evidence. These objects will prove that either the teachings and meanings of all the major world religions were misinterpreted or disprove religions completely.

2. The next step is to use satellites to make holographic images all over the world. Each region's messiah, such as Jesus in Europe and the Americas and Muhammad in the Middle East, saying how the everyone has been misinterpreting their religions.

3. The third step is to have messages reach into the minds of every human on the planet, making them feel as if God is talking to them from within their soul. God says to them again that everyone has been misinterpreting all the holy scriptures.

4. The final step comes in three parts:
a. They'll make holograms in the sky (presumably the same technology used in step two) making it seem that aliens are invading the Earth. In a desperate attempt to survive the attack all the nuclear nations of the world will then use their nuclear arsenals on the holograms, leaving them defenseless.
b. Then a race of good aliens, still all holograms, will come in and destroy the invading aliens.
c. Now this is the most confusing part of the Blue Beam Project. Supernatural forces will then travel through wires and possess all electric devices (that will by this time have all have microchips in them) and will push people to suicide or permanent psychological damage).

After these four steps the UN (or whoever) will then believe that the world is ready for any new messiah so when they present this to the world they plan the world will grasp for any kind of security and will convert to their new religion and accept a world dictatorship. 

I apologize to any one who reads these and does believe in this but I don't think I even have to say anymore about the Blue Beam Project and any normal sane person wouldn't believe this at all. I have no idea why a whole world religion is necessary for a world government. And the first three steps where all essentially accomplish the same thing. Also as an atheist I know hard it is to convince most religious people. Given the tons of geological biological and experimental evidence for evolution millions of people in the United States still don't believe in it. I can't imagine what proof they could uncover after step one that could make everyone in the world question their beliefs that their ancestors have been following for thousands of years. Also if I was christian having a giant image of Jesus Christ in the sky making me think it is actually him talking to me from heaven would make me believe in Christianity even more, hell if I saw that I might just believe in it right then and there rather than question Christianity, and I feel that would go for all religions.

To implement step three one of the sites talked about LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) which is essentially a laser for sound. The sound emitted from LRAD does not dissipate in three dimensions like normal sound but all the sound waves travel down a single path directed by the device. This allows three cool things; it allows you to send sounds long distances without the sound dissipating and getting quieter, it makes sound appear to come from what your pointing at rather than the device itself and for military purposes you can have the device deafeningly loud to nonletahly cripple any opponents but only people in the direction of the device will be affected while the friendlies can stand a few feet away and not hear it any where as loud.

So this technology is supposed to be used in step two allowing the various messiahs to talk to everyone in the world. However this technology is uses normal audio, just fashioned in a way to not spread out. So satellites would not be able to send audio signal through the vacuum of space. Even if that was possible I can't imagine how satellites will be able to send messages to the six billion plus people of the world.

For their third step they planed to use LF (Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic waves bursted at the same frequency as the human brain. This supposedly makes it seem as if voices are coming from the inside your head. LF and ELF waves range from microwave and radio waves frequency. And the their are two common household devices that uses these electromagnetic waves, you guessed it: Radios and Microwaves! If you live in any decently sized town Radio waves constantly travel through your head and yet nobody can tune into a radio station with their head (I did hear a story where this female comedian heard radio stations through her teeth fillings). Cell phones also use microwaves to send signals and I hope no one picks up my cell phone calls without my consent.

Step four is well... I mean the UN wants to fake an alien invasion just to make the countries of the world use up their nuclear arsenal leaving them unable to defend them selves against the UN's nukes, which is comprised of those same nations.... Then then a second alien race comes in to destroy the bad aliens and just as quickly disappear as fast as the whole world is supposed to forget about them. Then the websites literally say supernatural forces are supposed to travel down fiber optic cables, coaxial cables and other wires to some how scare the worlds population to suicide. TV's and hairdryers have to do some scary pretty scary shit to make me want to kill my self. An interesting sentence was that they said that step four was very similar to how the Soviets spread communism. So they made huge realistic holograms convincing the peasants that aliens where invading the Earth so the peasants of 1917 Russia and the third world countries of 1940s and 1950s would use their nuclear arsenals. When this retaliation would ultimately fail friendly aliens came, destroyed the bad aliens and left without a trace. Then the Soviets possessed the electrical appliances of the poorest people of the first half of the 20th century, with all their TVs, smart phones and iPad2's. Look it up in any history book it's in there, trust me.

Once this New World Order is established they require that everyone is a part of this. To track down any humans who run into the wild to live off of wild animals and fish, the conspirers plan to put microchips in every single fish and edible animal. So they plan to go everywhere and put trackers in the billion of billions of edible animals of the world. And of course they know exactly when every animal gives birth so they can put the trackers in the day their born. And somehow they're going to know based on the movements of the billions of blips on the world map when an animal is captured by a human not just a normal carnivore.

I would like to hope it's just a troll to mess with me because I would feel bad for humanity if some of us believe this is real. However there are multiple websites about this and some are pretty old so that would seem to be a pretty deep troll. And I've seen some crazy things that people believe in. Two of the websites where I got most of the information from where based off of a French Canadian where English is definitely not his first language, so if someone knows more about this and can answer some questions I had and fix any things that I may have misinterpreted (I'm looking at you Mr. Anonymous who put up that link).

If you were wondering these are the three sites that I looked up this stuff on:

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  1. I found out why many Christians, and maybe other Abrahamic religions, fear a single world government is that before the apocalypse, a political leader who is the Anti-Christ will trick the world into following him. The Anti-Christ will then make a world government and world "false" religion. So I guess if a world government and world religion was established, Armageddon and the Rapture would begin.

    I always wondered why a world government would freak people out and why people link it with religion and the Anti-Christ. "The More You Know!"