Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer's here and I'm back HAHAHAHA

As promised, with the end of April came the end of my fourth and (hopefully) hardest semester at college. So from now until September I got plenty of free time. As I said in my last post I will now continue with my blogs about science history and life. Hopefully I shall get into the habit of writing entries and managing my blogs that I'll check on it as often one would a FaceBook account. With a three hour time delay of going from Seattle to Miami I find myself staying up later than usual and have decided to spend this empty time with blog writing which would help with a consistent amount of updates at least for the next few months.

Also with the help of my friend. who has a decently successful blog (,  I should hopefully get more followers which would actually make me encouraged to do this.

For now I plan to do some more normal updates of my own, probably finish up that special relativity post I did. But once (or if) this blog catches on I'll encourage you, my followers, to ask me questions about mostly anything, from ethics to technology to religion to history to physics to the future to anything in between (that means you four of my current followers).

So thats pretty much it for this post. No kinda information about humanity or the universe today. Just an update about how my Blog is actually going to be updated. 

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