Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Post!

Hello everybody, this is my first time blogging anything at all, and so far I like it.

What this blog is about: Uhhmmm... I guess me just talking to my self as I engage in conversations about a varied amount of subjects or things and you can come in and listen if you want. I often find myself talking to my self about sometimes interesting things and since everybody on the internet already likes telling the world who they are I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a go.

I'll try to make this a kinda intelligent place to put idea's into people thoughts. And of course I'm not going to know everything so if someone thinks I'm wrong, has a different opinion than me or just wants to add to the conversation just comment whatever who feel like. I'm a probably won't talk to formally and try to more free ball it so I can type my ideas faster and keep on a train of thought, cause that tends to happen allot when I'm typing, including multiple times in this post alone.

I think the subjects that the posts will be about are mostly going to be history, philosophy, and physics, cause a like thinking about those things and I don't want to talk about anything I don't wanna talk about. If anyone wants to suggest a topic for the next blog you can go ahead if you want.

So just so you know I is a college student so I will have a lot of work to do and might not be able to blog all the time, 'specially around midterms and finals. I guess summers would be good for me since I won't have anything to do. Also all grammatical errors will either be on purpose cuz i feel liek it, or I just don't care enough, I've actually been contemplating about whether I should capitalize my i's cuz it's taking to long to press shift!

Well ne-ways hopefully this will be an interesting blog with a descent amount of ppl following  where y'all can think and ponder bout stuff. But who knows cause even if we lived in a deterministic (spelled it right first try!)
universe the Heisenberg uncertainty principle does not allow us to gather enough information to make such a precise prediction about the future. BAM!

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